Relationships and Fairy Tales

I know this might be a little hard to hear but relationships are far from fairy tales. I know this truth might have come hard on some of you so here is a box of tissue and glass of water. Wipe those tears and take a gulp because you need to be well hydrated to carry on with this post. 


Why am I debunking this well believed myth? Because I was one of those people who believed that relationships are all perfect without any imperfections whatsoever. I was wrong! Fairy tales show that people fall in love and there are villains to disrupt the relationship and the couple over come it and live happily ever after. Well let me tell you that there really is not going to be a third party portraying as a villain in your personal relationship. There is a villain, but it is you who is the villain not anybody else. Real life relationships depend and run on how you manage your own relationship with your significant other. You are allowed to make mistakes and let the other person make their own as well, but just remember that there is no magic wand that is going to come and fix it for you. The only people who have the power to fix that relationship is you and your partner.


You see, there is beauty in things that are imperfect. You get to fix and build such a strong base to your relationship by making mistakes and trying again and again no matter how long it takes. All that matter is that you believe in yourself and your partner to make it work. Be happy with the one you love and if you two are unhappy at that particular moment, take a step back and go for it again. True love deserves countless chances.


Watch those fairy tales and enjoy them, but don’t ever expect anything from them to reflect on your real life. It doesn’t really work that way.


 –      Raghav K